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Taking care of your Nissan could extend its life and improve performance. Regular oil and associated filter changes have their benefits. Fresh oil could effectively lubricate an engine and its parts, decreasing wear while improving gas mileage and performance efficiency. At Butler Nissan, our service team stands ready to Nissan owners with oil change requests, including helping you save money with service specials.

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Suggested Oil Change Duration

A vehicle's owner's manual provides suggestions about when to change the oil. If the manual says to change the oil every 5,000 miles, it would be good to follow the suggestion. That said, oil does break down with age. Oil that reaches six months in age may require a change. Older oil can't perform as effectively as brand-new oil, and significantly old oil might contribute to engine problems.

Checking Your Vehicle's Oil

Drivers should get into the habit of checking the oil. When the once-green oil turns dark black, it may be too old to lubricate parts. A change might prove advisable. Also, checking the oil lets you know if there are any possible leaks. If you add oil and the dipstick show it low again a few days later, there may be a leak.

Another point that bears mentioning about a leak. If all the oil leaks out, expect the engine to seize quickly. Once the engine seizes, it is likely done. No oil means parts operated as "metal on metal," and friction would destroy those parts rapidly. Yes, even a small leak could lead to a totaled engine.

Burning Oil

Oil could also end up low when the vehicle burns the fluid. If you smell something odd when driving, the scent could be burning oil. Or, there may be something else wrong. The transmission fluid could burn, the tires may be flat, and the rubber burns, and so on. 

Keeping tabs on the fluid levels, the engine oil's changing color, and the duration between oil changes could eliminate some avoidable issues. Again, make sure to check the oil even when you take your Nissan in for oil changes on time.

Oil Turns into Sludge

Dirty and old oil eventually turns into sludge, which clogs up the engine. Excessive sludge buildups could hamper engine performance and mandate a thorough cleaning. Changing the engine oil on time helps prevent sludge buildups, which, in turn, means fewer hassles and costs. If the engine isn't dirty or filled with sludge, a massive cleaning probably won't be necessary. That said, the occasional engine cleaning could do some good.

Engines and Corrosion Issues

Not changing a car's oil on time could lead to the presence of both dirt and corrosion. A corroded engine won't likely last as long as a pristine one. Ultimately, changing the oil also adds to an engine's lifespan. Worn and corroded components will likely fail eventually.

Choosing the Right Oil

A Butler Nissan technician might make recommendations for oil better suited for the vehicle. Maybe it needs a different viscosity level. Remember, weather and temperature could factor in choosing an oil brand. So does the mileage on the vehicle, and a Nissan with a high number of miles on the odometer would likely benefit from high-mileage motor oil.


Online Appointment Scheduling

Schedule an appointment right away at Butler Nissan using our online service appointment scheduler. Our team can perform an oil change while also running a routine multi-point inspection. A quick call to our service station allows you to set up an appointment without much worry. Provide some basic information about the vehicle, let our team know about the date and time you wish to bring the Nissan, and a representative will work to accommodate your request.

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