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In Macon, there are few sounds in the world as annoying as the click you hear when you try to turn over your car's engine and realize that the battery is dead. It seems to always happen at the most inopportune times, but we all know there is no good time to have car troubles. Stay on the road with these few handy tips and tricks to keep your car battery maintained at optimal levels.

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Signs of a Battery Problem

First, you need to know the signs that your battery is starting to have problems. Even before the battery dies, you will start to notice things function poorly. This includes the interior and dashboard lights becoming dim. You may also notice that your car takes longer than normal to crank and turn over when you start it. The check battery symbol turning and staying on is a good sign that your battery should be checked out. Finally, if you find yourself having to jump your car regularly, without another explanation, your battery may require changing.

When to Test Your Car Battery

It is recommended that you check and test your battery as part of your regular maintenance routine. Usually, this can be done when your car is due for an oil change. However, if you feel that you have noticed any of the signs above, you should check your battery sooner. Our team in Macon offers complimentary battery inspections. Our certified technicians will check your battery fully, and if necessary, replace your battery with a Genuine Nissan Replacement Battery that is perfect for your vehicle.

How to Test Your Car Battery

If you want to check your battery on your own, you should look for a few important things to make sure that your battery is running at optimal performance. You will need to get protective eye gear and gloves. The battery does contain acid. If the acid gets on clothing or a painted surface, wash the item quickly and thoroughly. If the acid comes in contact with your skin or eyes, flush the area immediately for 15 minutes and then seek medical care.

First, you will need to check your battery's electrolyte level. Depending on which battery you have, this could be done in a few ways. On batteries with a white case, drivers will see the upper and lower level marks on the battery. Add distilled water until it is at the upper-level mark.

On the black case batteries, drivers will have to remove the cell plugs and check that the water covers the lead plates but doesn't go over the vent walls. If low, add distilled water to the base of the vent walls.  Remember only to use distilled water, never use tap water.

On both types of batteries, make sure that the terminals are cleaned of all corrosion and debris. Then check that the connections are tight. If the terminals need to be cleaned, use a brush, and wipe away any problem materials. If you must disconnect the terminals to clean them at any point, you may have to reset your car radio presets.

By keeping up proper maintenance, you can avoid the annoyance and possible danger from having a dead battery. If you have any questions about your battery or any other maintenance issue, you can make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable service technicians at Butler Nissan. With our deals and specials on service, we will help you get your Nissan running at peak performance so you can get back on the road.

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