Prepare your Nissan Model for the Winter Months with Our Help Here at Butler Nissan

Winter will soon be here in Georgia and this season is predicted to be a cold one, so for many of you, it might be time to consider winterizing your new or pre-owned Nissan model if you have not done so already. While Nissan models are known for their resilience and performance, there are still a number of crucial components of your Nissan which should undergo inspection and modification before they can perform their best in the winter. These systems include your tires, battery, drive line, fluids, and emergency supplies, among many others. If you have not scheduled a routine maintenance appointment in a while, it is even more essential that you do so today here at Butler Nissan, so we can determine what your vehicle needs to ensure it continues to run strong during the winter, so schedule a service appointment and come see us here in Macon, Georgia.

Lots of Important Systems to Check

If you are due for a routine maintenance appointment, it is important that you ask about winterizing your car, though a technician at our service center will likely suggest it. A battery test and oil change are two standard procedures of most maintenance appointments to ensure that your vehicle carries a full charge and has properly filtered oil circulating through the engine; this prevents any damage or vehicle shutdowns in the long-term. Other fluids in your Nissan vehicle should be checked and topped off as needed, especially antifreeze, in order to keep your engine properly functioning even in lower temperatures. If your vehicle has all-wheel or four-wheel drive, it should be inspected and adjusted to ensure your car, truck, or SUV has the most traction it can on the roads ahead, which is why you should also consider changing your tires to snow-capable for the most traction. However, as many of our Nissan models feature all-seasons, your service technician might suggest a tire rotation, or no action taken at all if your tires are new and have the most tread possible.

Finally, it is important that your Nissan is stocked with proper emergency roadside equipment, should you ever need them, this includes the jumper cables, flashlight, reflective triangle, and other essentials that come standard on most new Nissan models. Extra equipment such as a blanket might also prove to be helpful in the event you need to wait for emergency services to arrive on-scene.

Get Started Today!

Before you schedule a service appointment to winterize your new or used Nissan mode, be sure to take advantage of all the savings you can with the help of our monthly service specials. Then, come see us here at our service center, located on-site with our dealership at 4500 Riverside Drive in Macon, GA. See you soon!

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