Reach More People with a Nissan NV3500 Passenger Van

There are a lot of practical uses for a passenger van, especially one that seats 12 like the Nissan NV Passenger NV3500. Despite its size, this passenger van can offer you with a powerful engine that drives your campers or church volunteers to where you need to go with little delay. The work you do is important, so why shouldn't your organization have a Nissan NV Passenger Van to help you get the job done?

Whether you're setting up for the local charity event, taking a retreat with your parish, or bringing your favorite campers on a field trip, the NV Passenger Vans from Nissan have you covered. Not only do they seat 12, but they offer water repellent seats for wet swimming gear, rearview monitor for backing out of parking spots, and hands-free phone integration for safer calling.

If your church organization or summer camp program needs the passenger van that delivers a 261-horsepower engine with enough cargo space to accommodate the gear, chairs, and equipment needed for your outing, visit us. These passenger vans have a lot more to offer you than you might expect, so visit us today to discuss your financing options.